Sunstone Fire Element lantern pendant

– a focal macrame pendant showcases a central sunstone bead and a lantern talisman.

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Sunstone Fire Element lantern pendant


– Sunstone: a joyful stone which brings light and energy, allowing the real self to shine. It is connected to the regenerative power of the sun, clearing all the chakras and lifting up one’s mood. It creates mental clarity and inner conviction.
– Lantern: a symbol of light and guidance, it provides illumination which helps lead the way forward, pushing aside the surrounding darkness.

The Sunstone Fire Element lantern pendant with macrame details is a ready-to-ship item so you will receive the pictured necklace!
This hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind piece is lovingly packaged in a branded cotton drawstring bag.

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– this element is connected to the concept of will, passion and drive. It brings to mind the ideas of excitement, movement, brightness and eruptive force. It is a masculine element, viewed in Chinese philosophy as the yang principle.
ZODIAC SIGNS: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
SEASON: Summer
TEMPERAMENT: Choleric – associated with the Temperaments Theory which describes the four principal personalities. (not sure of your temperament? Take this quiz and find out!)

This collection pays tribute to the classical elements: earth, air, water, fire and ether (spirit).
By using symbolism in the form of charms and crystals, each adornment focuses on a special element with the intent of enhancing those energies. This allows you to fully enjoy its unique properties and vibrations. Wear it as a talisman and beckon its special beauty and energy into your life.

Don’t dismiss the elements. Water soothes and heals. Air refreshes and revives. Earth grounds and holds. Fire is a burning reminder of our own will and creative power. Swallow their spells. There’s a certain sweet comfort in knowing that you belong to them all. – Victoria Erickson