Beautiful woman in handmade bohemian style jewelry
Pretty woman wearing a serpentine gemstone macrame bracelet

A D O R N   Y O U R   P H A S E S

The ritual of self adornment is more than just wearing the most trendy accessory. It’s embodying the paths you’ve chosen and being confident and comfortable in the person you’re becoming. With a focus on macrame and meditation jewellery, each handmade piece is thoughtfully woven, each bead meticulously added to infused art, love and blessed energy into each creation. It is my hope that they enhance your craft and path, allowing you to shine your beauty and magic out to the world!

Thank you for being here, and I hope that a piece can find its forever home with you!

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F E A T U R E D   P R O D U C T S

M A C R A M E  &  M E D I T A T I O N  J E W E L L E R Y

MoonCharms Jewellery is inspired by the phases of life’s journey and the changes we experience. Like the moon, we transition – waxing on some days, waning on others and with each evolution, we gravitate towards items that give meaning to our lives.
We find inspiration in the moods and magic of life and with this ebb and flow, MoonCharms encourages expression of each phase of the cycle. Each adornment is made with the intention to express your story and speak to the world who you are, who you’ve been and who you’re becoming. Collections are based along the themes of outward and inward exploration. Read more . . .

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K E E P   I N   T O U C H!!