T H E   P H A S E S


B O H E M I A N   P H A S E

For the wanderlust, gypsy souls and those who crave the grass between their toes.


While not as enticing as the world beaten path,
an open dirt road with a few meaningful necessities
can offer the rhythm and music, the love and laughter
and quite marvellously, the life, we were after.

Bohemian Phase is inspired by all this and so much more.


W A R R I O R   P H A S E

For anyone with a battle worth fighting.


Humaity has seen its share of warefare and strife.
Arenas may change but battles still continue…
Sometimes we need a reminder that we are warriors.
That we are strong.

Warrior Phase is inspired by chainmaille armour, flexible but forceful.


S P I R I T   P H A S E

For anyone with a desire for more to life than this.


Ever heard the saying, “There’s got to be more to life than this?”
Some have spent their entire lives dedicated to searching for more and have left behind
mythologies, symbols, and other items attributed with abilities beyond this world.

Spirit Phase is inspired by these pieces of power and the possible keys they hold to unlocking our deepest and truest selves.