Sunstone necklace with macrame lantern pendant

– this necklace features a focal macrame pendant with genuine sunstone gemstone and a lantern charm. Hand-knotted with durable waxed fibre cord.

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– Element: Fire
Temperament: Choleric
– Zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
– Season: Summer
– Sunstone: a joyful stone which brings light and energy, allowing the real self to shine. It is connected to the regenerative power of the sun, clearing all the chakras and lifting up one’s mood. It creates mental clarity and inner conviction.
– Lantern: a symbol of light and guidance, it provides brightness and illumination which helps lead the way forward and pushes aside the surrounding darkness.

8mm beads, adjustable from 21″ to 32″
This is a ready-to-ship item and you will receive the pictured necklace.
All pieces are hand crafted in small batches and come lovingly packaged in a branded cotton drawstring bag.

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