Sanctuary Bracelet – Yin Yang

– designed to encapsulate the energy of the symbols that most resonate with your life. Let this adornment guide your path, always acting as a point you can find hope and light, find strength and resolve and most of all, find yourself.

$64.00 USD


hand-stamped mandala styled charm
moon and star beads
sterling silver charm
durable waxed fibre cord
adjustable slide clasp for easy fit
lightweight & easy to wear

YIN YANG: represents the duality of existence and that nothing is absolute- in opposing energies each contains a seed of the other. It is a reminder to be open to the balance and harmony present in every situation.

MOON & STAR BEADS: with their ivory surface, small holes (the moons) and tiny black dots (the stars), they have a long tradition of use in the creation of Tibetan Buddhism prayer beads.

FULL DESCRIPTION: Product Highlight- Sanctuary Bracelet Series

This is a made-to-order item.
Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in small batches with care and intention.
They come lovingly packaged in a branded cotton drawstring bag.

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