Me and the Moon – Lava stone Meditation Necklace with Om pendant (light)

DETAILS: – natural lava stones and lovely tan crescent moon beads have been securely hand-knotted onto durable waxed fibre cord. A focal bone Om pendant beautifully finishes the piece.

$85.00 USD $75.00 USD


ELEMENT: Akashic

LAVA STONE: formed from fiery brimstone of the earth’s core, this stone is know for its grounding and stabilizing properties providing a calming energy to emotions.

OM: a sacred sound. It invokes the three aspects of the Divine, the creator, the preserver and the destroyer.

CRESCENT MOON: made of natural coconut its presence is designed to help the wearer channel the energy of the moon.

DETAILS: 6mm beads; hangs at 13″ from back of neck to pendant.

FULL DESCRIPTION: Product Highlight- Me and the Moon Meditation Necklace

This is a ready-to-ship item and you will receive the pictured bracelet. All pieces are hand crafted in small batches and come lovingly packaged in a branded cotton drawstring bag.

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