Me and the Moon – Blue Lace Agate Meditation Necklace with shell pendant

– the moon’s influence and tie to the ocean has long been documented in the sciences and the arts. The metaphorical love between these two forces has inspired poetry, spirituality, and even healing. This necklace combines shell beads and gemstones with strong water vibrations to give an enhanced energy to your spiritual and magical practices.

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BLUE LACE AGATE: has a soft, calming and nurturing energy that brings peace of mind and support. It works well with the throat chakra to allow a release of thoughts and feelings that may have been bottled up. It opens the wearer to higher energies.

SHELL: terebra shells have a wonderful cross-section showing the spirals and a long tapered point making it perfect for use as a pendulum. In the ocean, shells are the home of sea-creatures, providing protection and safety. This energy still resonates in natural shells and can provide comfort when harnessed in meditation.

SHELL BEADS: provides both creative and intuitive energy, stimulating imagination, adaptibility and sensitivity. Shells carry with them the deep calming and healing energy from their life in the waters.

DETAILS: 8mm gemstones; hangs at 14.5″ from back of neck to pendant

FULL DESCRIPTION: Product Highlight- Me and the Moon Meditation Necklace

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