Blue lace agate beaded necklace with shell pendant

– genuine blue lace agate beads have been securely hand-knotted onto durable waxed fiber cord. A focal macrame pendant showcases a central blue lace agate bead and a natural shell talisman. The beads are strung in intervals of nine, making it a ‘mini mala’, perfect for meditations with affirmations, mantras and ritual work.

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– Element: Water
– Temperament: Melancholic
– Zodiac signs: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio
– Season: Winter
– Blue Lace Agate: a beautiful stone that is very helpful for calming emotions, assisting in communicating one’s highest truth. Used in activating the throat chakra, it is noted to be effective in clearing emotional blockages that may keep one from speaking up and expressing their feelings.
– Shell: provides both creative and intuitive energy, stimulating imagination, adaptibility and sensitivity. Shells carry with them the deep calming and healing energy from their life in the waters.

8mm beads, adjustable from 21″ to 32″
This is a ready-to-ship item and you will receive the pictured necklace.
All pieces are hand crafted in small batches and come lovingly packaged in a branded cotton drawstring bag.

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