Bloodstone Earth Element beaded necklace

– genuine bloodstone have been securely hand-knotted onto durable waxed fiber cord. A focal macrame pendant showcases a central bloodstone bead and a arrowhead pendant. The beads are strung in intervals of nine, making it a ‘mini mala’, perfect for meditations with affirmations, mantras and ritual work.

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Bloodstone Earth Element beaded necklace


– Bloodstone: known as a powerful healer, cleansing physical and mental energy and reducing stresses in these areas. It helps to renew and revitalize a weakened spirit, giving them a strengthened outlook to confront their hurdles.
and can be used in grounding rituals or meditations.
– Arrowhead: according to Native American tradition, the arrowhead represented alertness and direction, giving protection and courage.

The Bloodstone Earth Element beaded necklace is a ready-to-ship item so you will receive the pictured necklace!
This hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind piece is lovingly packaged in a branded cotton drawstring bag.

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– symbolically used to represent stability, strength, fertility and abundance. Earth energy gives structure and security, safety and comfort. It gives us a haven when we feel adrift and unsecure.
ZODIAC SIGNS: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
TEMPERAMENT: Phlegmatic – associated with the Temperaments Theory which describes the four principal personalities. (not sure of your temperament? Take this quiz and find out!)

This collection pays tribute to the classical elements: earth, air, water, fire and ether (spirit).
By using symbolism in the form of charms and crystals, each adornment focuses on a special element with the intent of enhancing those energies. This allows you to fully enjoy its unique properties and vibrations. Wear it as a talisman and beckon its special beauty and energy into your life.

Don’t dismiss the elements. Water soothes and heals. Air refreshes and revives. Earth grounds and holds. Fire is a burning reminder of our own will and creative power. Swallow their spells. There’s a certain sweet comfort in knowing that you belong to them all. – Victoria Erickson